• Mark Jacobs is his father’s son. He’s been under his thumb since the day he was born into privilege, but Mark’s trying to find himself and his own way. Along the way, he meets Jacob Washington and after they connect, their hearts converge. Then tragedy strikes. When life offers you a second chance, do you grab it? When hope offers you a new door, do you walk through it?

  • ENVY


    The darkest shade of green--the much anticipated sequel to the Amazon bestseller JADED. Are Joshua and Eli still together or did their old hurts get in the way? Did Carlton and Donny endure after the big moves they made? Revisit the story of love, struggle and getting out of your own way! Plus, meet the young beauty on duty who thinks that he can break things up!

  • Get Off Your Ass and Do Something: an empowering.collection of sermons, sayings, status updates and tweets for REAL LIFE + EVERYDAY LIVING. A lifetime of life lessons, assembled in one book to light your fire and illuminate your path!

  • Using wisdom gleaned from my wise Southern mother, IT'S TIME... walks you through such topical issues as LOVE, FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, SELF-IMAGE and SPIRITUALITY! It's an action/workbook that courses you through your life and compels you to move into action.



    Joshua Knight is broken after a love affair and decides to bury himself in work and has no life. He thinks he's fine and he doesn't need anyone...until he meets Elijah Monroe, a breath of fresh air. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE THROUGH WITH LOVE BUT LOVE'S NOT THROUGH WITH YOU? "JADED is both an epiphany and a milestone!" (Author/poet L.M. Ross)

  • We meet Seymour and Thurston on the day that they may be torn apart by tragedy after 46 years together. They have battled through everything from not asking and not telling to riots and riotous lies being told on them. But they have held on through it all. Can they make it now they death is banging at the door. They've survived so much. Can their love survive this? MEET THE HENDERSONS!

  • Author, activist, pastor and producer--those are all jobs that Kevin E. Taylor holds, but what holds them (and him) all together is the faith that his mother taught him in the projects of DC, the power of a 40 year love affair with his favorite singer Natalie Cole and the great adventure that is his life as a black gay boy who grew into a big, strong man of faith.  Whether enjoying success that has placed him before greats like Cole, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Maxwell, Brandy, legends like Lena Horne, Nancy Wilson and Tina Turner or avoiding 2 fiery plane crashes that costed the world a young singer on the rise to mega-stardom and the greatest day of terrorism in American history, which happened 18 days apart, Taylor has been blessed to live a life of big dreams and he's real and raw in his story about his wonderful, wondrous life! 

  • All six books, signed, sealed and delivered. Get empowered and romantic as you see yourself clearer than ever before

  • BUY ANY 2 ROMANCE NOVELS (JADED, BECAUSE HE LIVES or ENVY) for the special low price of $25.

  • In 100 Chapters, called Revelations in the book, UNCLUTTER uses music (such titles as NO MORE DRAMA, GIVE IT UP/TURN IT LOOSE, IS IT STILL GOOD TO YA?) to help the reader DELVE (into their past and purge issues), DISCOVER (the life they can live without other people's stuff on them) and DESIGN (the life of their dreams) the best/blessed life.