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After a 20 year career in music and television and working with networks, record labels and music superstars, Kevin E. Taylor is finally taking hold of the next level of his career. “All of the writing and the producing is really amazing to me, especially when I consider the times I used to dream about interviewing famous people on my couch in the projects as a kid and now I have interviewed some of the greatest talents on earth. The fact that I can even think about having a talk show with my name on it and being able to show people that dreams come true and that God’s plan for your life can happen no matter what people think is beyond my wildest dreams.

I am excited about ‘NOW WHAT?! with KEVIN E. TAYLOR’ because I don’t want to do this show to be famous or just to talk to famous people, but to talk to people who have been bold enough in their lives to live in their dreams, whether that’s music or ministry, acting, activism or athletics. It’s about showing people that all things are possible when you believe…and then keep believing!” NOW WHAT?! with KEVIN E. TAYLOR is an intimate, one-on-one format with people who dare to make, bring or manifest change in their lives. From legends to rising sensations, from business to entertainment, NOW WHAT?! with KEVIN E. TAYLOR is about being able to invite the greatness into your life and your endeavors and endure the struggles of being YOU! Whether someone walked away from a corporate job to start their own business or had to take the reigns of the musical career after being dropped by a major label, the conversations are about what you do now/next as you transition from who you used to be or what you used to do into the newest versions of you.

Celebrated people from the worlds of music, acting, business and even politics are all ready to talk. NOW WHAT?! with KEVIN E. TAYLOR is about the rough parts and the revelations of finally believing in yourself…and then doing something about it! TAKE CHANCES AND TAKE NOTES