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Kevin E. Taylor

Author, Empowerment Coach, Teacher/Reacher, TV Writer, Music Aficianado, Change Agent and Joy Grabber!

Kevin E. Taylor is working on his greatness while he inspires you to walk in yours! He’s a noted author (JADED, UNCLUTTER, BECAUSE HE LIVES, IT’S TIME FOR SOME ACTION, ENVY (the darkest shade of green), GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING and MEET THE HENDERSONS). He’s a pastor (copastoring Unity Fellowship Church NewArk for almost 3 years; senior pastor at Unity Fellowship Church New Brunswick for 12 years). He’s a writer and producer for television (12 years in television and more than 15 years running TM3-his own video production company). He is a lecturer/empowerment speaker, who has spoken at colleges, universities and community groups for the last 20 years, and he has also been conducting a series of workshops on everything from pitching a TV show idea to uncluttering your life. “It seems like I’m a multi-tasker who’s got too much on his hands, but I’m successful at it because I don’t try to do it all at one time. I know how to focus on each task at hand. It’s about balance.”

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